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        Nutrition for the BODY, MIND and SOUL



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Personal Development includes efforts and activities designed to develop and improve abilities, talents and potential, in order to enhance quality of life, and contribute to and help achieve the realization of goals, dreams and aspirations.  

Personal development includes, but is not limited to the following activites:
  • Improving self-awareness
  • Improving self-knowledge
  • Building or renewing self-identity
  • Developing strengths and talents
  • Improving wealth
  • Spiritual development
  • Identifying and improving potential
  • Building employability or human capital
  • Enhancing lifestyle or quality of life
  • Improving physical health
  • Fulfilling goals & aspirations
  • Improving social abilities
  • Defining and executing personal development plans

One of our goals at FITNESSMASTERS.COM is to make available to you some of the best information and resources designed to assist you on your road to Personal Development.  As human beings, we "all" are imperfect beings in many areas of our lives.  One of our goals should be to develop and improve in various areas of our lives without ever expecting to be perfect (which is unattainable). Personal Development is all about attempting to do a little more, or a little better, each day of our lives in the areas we have identified as needing the most improvement, or the areas that are most important to us.  Although no one can ever achieve perfection, we certainly can improve and develop continually. We hope the resources we provide for you give you some of the guidance and direction you need in order to enjoy a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.