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Eating healthy is not about depriving yourself of all the foods you enjoy eating, or eating in a manner that is overly strict or uncomfortable.  It's about incorporating a wide variety of foods into your diet that you can enjoy, and that provide you with all the nutrients your body needs to have more energy and enjoy a high level of health throughout your lifetime.

At FITNESSMASTERS.COM, one of our objectives is to make available to you the healthiest and most natural foods, including organic foods and other health foods.  If you are consuming mostly "nutrient-dense" foods that are low in refined sugars, unhealthy fats, preservatives, and unnatural & artificial ingredients, and filled with vitamins, minerals and fiber, you will generally be healthier, more energetic and less susceptible to illness and disease.  Realizing that no product is perfect, we only select and recommend the products of companies that we truly feel provide the most healthful benefits in it's product class.  Although these products may have a higher price tag than their unnatural, unhealthy counterparts, it is well worth the nominal additional investment.  How much is YOUR health and well-being worth to you?  

Many people feel that organic foods, health foods, and all-natural foods are tasteless, boring, and generally not enjoyable to eat.  This is simply not the case.  If you are not currently eating "any" organic foods, and other healthy and natural foods on a regular basis, try to have a more open mind and give them a try.  You May just be surprised with how tasty and enjoyable they can be!  

Here are a few quick and simple tips for eating healthier:
  1. Instead of being obsessed with counting calories or fat grams, or weighing your food, concentrate more on eating foods that are colorful, fresh and packed with nutrients.
  2. Make gradual and comfortable changes.  Don't drastically change your diet overnight.  This can lead to discomfort and displeasure, which in turn can lead to you giving up too soon on your new way of eating.  As these gradual changes become routine, you can then add additional healthier changes to your diet.
  3. Don't expect to be perfect - there is no such thing!  Each healthy choice you make matters.  As long as the good choices outweigh the bad ones, you are making progress and moving in the right direction.  Pat yourself on the back for each healthy food choice you make.
  4. Think in terms of moderation, not perfection.  The goal of healthy eating should be to develop a way of eating that will promote a healthier body and lifestyle, and one that you can maintain for the rest of your life.  However, this doesn't mean eliminating ALL the foods we enjoy eating.  If you eat the unhealthy, enjoyable stuff "once in a while," that is O.K., as long as it the "exception to the rule," and not the "general rule."
  5. Try to think in terms of smaller portions.  Serving sizes these days have grown, especially in restaurants.  When dining out, share a meal with your friend, relative or loved one.  Believe me, most entrees are more than enough to satisfy two people.  In addition to the entree share a salad a well (or even have your own), as this will tend to fill you up with minimal additional calories (avoid the creamy dressings however - stick with a little olive oil and vinegar or a light Italian or Vinaigrette dressing.
Dr. Fuhrman